Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Republican Congressional Forum

April 12th: A Republican Congressional Forum will take place on Monday, April 12, 2010 at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. The hosting organization, The Consortium of Students for Justice and Liberty, is inviting the public to attend this free of charge event. North Alabama's 5th Congressional District candidates, Mo Brooks, Parker Griffith, and Les Phillip have confirmed their participation in this event. The Consortium of Students for Justice and Liberty, an association of middle and high school students, will solicit questions for the forum from organizations around town and from several area schools. This is not an opportunity to protest, but instead a time to listen and hear what the candidates have to say.

The forum will be held in the University Center/Admissions Building on the UA Huntsville Campus. The doors will be opened to the public at 6:30 pm with the program beginning at 6:45 pm. The forum will begin at 7:00 pm and end at 9:00 pm. A straw poll will be taken and the results will be announced at the end of the forum. Members of the media are invited to attend.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Upcoming Hunstville TEA Party events

Upcoming Hunstville TEA Party events
Sunday, April 4th:

Tea Party Express is coming to the Space & Rocket Center
at 2:00 PM. They are providing the speakers. It should be good. (Though Easter Sunday is not the best time for such an event! I hope to make it to at least some of this, but I'm not sure at this point.)

Thursday, April 15th:
We want to have a HUGE turnout for our April 15th Tax Day Protest.
Tell all of your friends, email everyone you know, post it on
Facebook, anything you can think of to help us get people out. April
15th from 5:00 to 7:00 PM in the parking lot on Clinton street across
from the Post Office. We have great speakers lined up. Mike Leahy, Dr.
John Fanning, and Gary Palmer from the Alabama Policy Institute.

Bring your signs!

(I do plan to make it to the April 15th Protest - we plan to leave CLC by 4:00 that day if you want to go downtown with us.)

Saturday, May 15th:

Making of America - Constitution Seminar. 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS EVENT. Once again we are having an
excellent instructor from the National Center for Constitutional
Studies (NCCS) come and teach us about the principles of the
constitution. Cost is $15 per person. Intended audience is 8th graders
through adults. Location to be announced soon. The deadline for
payment is April 20th. Please make checks payable to "The Huntsville
Tea Party Movement" and mail them to Chad at: 105 Pinckney Rd Harvest, AL 35749

I do hope to make it to the Constitution Seminar also.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Thoughts on the Health Care Debate Sunday

I watched the Health Care debates and the vote on Sunday evening (switching back and forth between Fox News and C-Span. It was depressing, to say the least. I tweeted (you’re surprised, I know) during the entire evening. I tried to keep up with who was saying what as best I could. I didn’t mark whether the speakers were Democrats or Republicans, but it is generally very clear from what they say.

What follows are most of my tweets from that evening, with some additional commentary sprinkled in. As I said then, I can sum up my feelings simply with, “God help us.”

Don't know why I want to punish myself by watching the coverage of what's going on in D.C....but I am. I may have an ulcer by time its done!

Congressman Stupak makes me angry. He is a traitor to Pro-Life. I yelled that earlier....My oldest child and my youngest responded, "We know that!" (Do you think they’ve been listening to me rant a bit?)

The question today is how many "moderate" Democrats have been "bought off" or who "bought into" the lies! Shame on any who claim to be Pro-Life!
Congress hasn't fixed major problems in #CPSIA -- they can't be trusted to pass, and then fix Health Care bill...No way!
Rep Paul Ryan of Wisconsin: "Rule of man does not trump the rule of law" I so agree!

I liked Senator DeMint’s comment on Twitter during the debate: “What's happening in the Capitol today gives a whole new meaning to "March Madness." It would be funny, if not so sad.

The rule has passed on the House floor...Grrr...They've taken the first step towards disaster...

I was already planning to teach a class on the Constitution next fall -- didn't realize I would be teaching on a document despised by so many!

Caller on CSPAN "nothing is free" ...Wife of a doctor, she understands what Congress doesn't! HC will not be free! And will be rationed!

Rep. Hoyer is making a connection between what Congress is doing with march from Selma to Montgomery -- how dare he!?!

Hoyer: "Critics call it government takeover, not true..." How can he say that? How is this anything BUT govt take over?

Hoyer: "Critics call it is lower costs to the middle class...Biggest deficit reduction bill..." Where do they get this stuff?

Rep Clyburn going to start on the nonsense of the "big, bad insurance companies" again....And this bill will add jobs...Sure to the IRS...Yuck!

Hoyer: "I know this bill is very complicated...." What, has he actually read it? Doubt it!

Hoyer..."elected us to this, the People's house..." Wait, did he just say the People's House? We want our house back!!!

Rep Deal: "problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people's money" Exactly!

Waxman again....Arrgh! "We strengthen Medicare..." How? They are weakening Medicare, not strengthening it!

Rep Upton "Only in Washington can folks stand here and argue that spending 1 Trillion dollars will cut the deficit..."

Dingell, "It's the Insurance companies who are against this bill..." No, Mr. Dingell, we the people are against this bill!

Rep Pallone: "Our health care system is in crisis..." No, it will be in crisis after this bill passes! This is not HC Reform!

Rep Whitfield "How can you strengthen Medicare when you are taking money out of it...

Markey: “The Republican Party is the Party of NO, and the Democratic Party is the party of Hope...”

Woolsey: "Being a woman is a ... preexisting condition..." What?

Rep Kline: "...Perhaps its time for Washington to stop talking and start listening...listening to calls, 13 to 1 against this bill..."

Rep Kline: "Listening to the thousands of citizens who traveled to our capital this weekend to tell us to 'Kill the Bill'"

Hensarling: "Personal freedom...So many reasons to oppose this bill...taxpayer funded abortions...Back room deals..."

Pence: "Give the people more choices, not more government!" Exactly!!!

Rep McMorris Rodgers" It is the wrong time...I urge you to vote NO...Don’t let the hunger to do something trick us into doing the wrong thing" Exactly!

Swartz "Ensuring all insurance policies use easy to understand language" ....As opposed to those who write 2,000+ page bills!

Rep Capito: good analagy about how blanket of legislation was made...and what it does and doesn't do..."flimsy fabric of broken promises"

Rep Capito: "How can we turn a deaf ear to the American people...we should stop this unfortunate endeavor...listen to heartbeat of America..."

"If not this, then what? If not, then when?" Not this, then something that is true health care reform...Not now, when we have a GOOD bill!

In case anyone wants to read what Congress wants to force down our throats, CSPAN has it for us:

After hours of CSPAN tonight, my kids are only half listening...But heard Rep Cantor - and from the other room one yelled, "He makes sense"

Rep Boehner : "Do you really believe if you like the health plan you can keep it? No you can't...Is this really the time to raise taxes?"

The House is getting a little rowdy during Boehner's speech

I like Rep Boehner better right now than when he came to Alabama to campaign for Rep Griffith, the turncoat...

Boehner is requesting a roll call vote - good for him! And reminding his colleagues that this is the "People's House"

Boehner : "We break the ties with history...If we pass this bill, it will be the last straw for the American people." Definitely!

Pelosi is going to have to follow Boehner...Fun...

Pelosi "Tonight we will make history for our country, and progress for the American people...Health Care for all Americans..." Yeah, right.

Pelosi is trying to equate socializing our health care with the pursuit of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness..."

Was there booing when Pelosi mentioned President Obama?

Can Joe Wilson yell "You Lie" now?

I'm so happy to hear that being a woman will no longer be a pre-existing condition...Wait, hasn't been a problem for 1st 53 years of my life.

Now we get the tribute to Senator Kennedy...gag...

Having 200 Republican amendments makes it bi-partisan? Don't think so!

Can she NOT bring up "life, liberty..." again? Pro-lifers believe in life...Pro-death folks do NOT!

Roll Call vote turned down... Now a "recorded vote" instead... Voting on Senate's bill from last December...

As I waited for the votes to be made, I wondered:
216 democrats can sell us into slavery...will they do it? Why haven't all the Republicans voted yet??? Who are the cowards who waited till the end to vote?
We have lost the battle -- can we still win the war?

So the liberals bought enough votes...why are we not surprised? You would think they were counting down till New Years.. .

Absolutely amazing. Such a major reworking of our country, and they accomplish it with tricks...

Now they are going to "reconcile" the bill...And how exactly will they accomplish that? It is irreconcilable!

The house and the senate just passed the largest pro-abortion bill since Roe v Wade went through Supreme Court. Sad day for life in U.S.

Now they’re getting into post-bill issues:
Stupak needs to sit down and be quiet, hasn’t he done enough damage? Stupak has no right to talk about what promotes life at this point...How dare he?!?

First call for the bill that "promotes social justice"..gag, gag!

After several frustrating hours, I finally called it a night…Time will tell whether this day will go down in history as “the beginning of the end” for the United States.

The 2010 Census

Many of us are upset, and rightly so, about the way this year's Census is being done. It continues to be an assault on our privacy, and much beyond what our founders intended when they authorized a Census-taking every 10 years in the Constitution.

I have seen several things now that help put the Census, and how to respond to it, in good perspective: This blog, Civil Disobedience and the Census, being one of the best.

And this youtube video, The Census is Getting Personal.

If you are looking for answers to how to deal with the Census, and how much information you REALLY need to give them, these are two great places to start.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bill Frustration

After watching the debate and vote on the Health Care Bill last night, I went to bed very frustrated with our elected "representatives". Words can hardly explain how dangerous what they just did really is! I hope that we are able to get this law overturned before it can do the type of damage to our Country and its economy that many of us expect it to.

I put together a two page "How to Analyze a Bill" paper this morning. I wish our Congressmen were obligated to analyze the bills they vote for. But at least we can analyze them for them. The document is available as a free download from

May the Lord help us!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sept 12, 1 month later

A month ago, a friend and I were on our way to D.C. for the September 12 March on D.C. It was an event we knew we had to be at, even though we weren't sure exactly what to expect when we got there. But we went, and we were glad we did.

Now, a month has gone by...Congress is back at work trying to pass through any number of bills that we would like them to leave alone (the Government takeover of Heath Care and Cap & Trade being at the top of the list), and not fixing the one bill we WOULD like them to deal with -- the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

Did our March on Washington accomplish anything? It's too soon to tell whether it did anything in the short run. But I think we'll really know the results in 2010 -- when the 2010 elections come around.

In the meantime, it was good to see that we weren't such a rare breed after all...And to be around so many relatively like-minded folks.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Universal Health Care

I've had a little more time to digest the talk we went to last night, where they were trying to explain to us how important it is to give everyone universal health care, and how cheap it would actually be.

My response can really all be summed up in a short Economics lesson: Everything we purchase has to be considered a scarcity. No matter how much of it there is, there is still a limited amount of it. (Do we have consensus on that?) In a system that is working, scarcities are taken care of with one tool – prices! And yet, under the Universal Health Care System being pushed under the Conyers bill for example (H.R. 676) – prices are taken out of the economic equation. When price is no longer allowed to regulate demand, demand ALWAYS exceeds supply. There are no exceptions.

So the bottom line with universal health care is shortages, and shortages will lead to rationing. Doesn't matter what they say!