Saturday, September 12, 2009

March on D.C. final notes

I started the day with a full charge on my phone battery – but I ran out of juice, between pictures and tweets (I hit 100 tweets today before the phone died at 3:30 p.m.)

So my notes from the last 30 minutes or so of the Rally will go here instead of on twitter.

The next speaker was Hector, a former SBA Administrator: "Welcome to this Million Patriot March…We don't need another Trillion Dollars in debt to fix problems…all you're asking for are common sense solutions…(Tell the politicians), "If what you're selling is more government and less choices, we're not buying it." The crowd started chanting "We're not buying it."

Darla, one of the 9/12 Organizers spoke next, telling us that "Glenn Beck has a message for you on his website afterwards…It's been a long year since January…a lot of people thought we couldn't pull it off…We showed them! …God gave us a right to freedom, and nobody is going to take that from us! …Congress knows we're here, of course, we've shut down D.C….God has blessed America, and that blessing hasn't ended!"

Next was Bruce, a recording artist who survived Katrina and is hoping to survive Obama. He mentioned a CD he has put together: "Forgotten but not gone." The song he sang included the lyrics, "Stand up…make your voice heard…"

William: "What a beautiful sight this is…Our group's motto is "Patriotism in action"…For today, the motto is, 'It's the Constitution, Stupid!' ….Favorite amendment is the 10th…They lie…It is time for us to stand up…Thank God for Congressman Wilson…(Tell Congress) Read the Constitution and obey it!"

The next gentleman is an immigrant from Poland (after World War 2?)…He wrote Legacy of the White Eagle about his experience in Warsaw Poland as a young man. He addressed us, "This is the greatest day of my life…I congratulate all of you for joining hands…There can be no human progress under tyranny…No sacrifice is too great in defense of freedom and independence..we have a lot to be thankful and grateful for in this great land of ours…If you've never lived under tyranny, you can't fully appreciate how fortunate you are…" He was 10 when the Germans invaded Poland, 12 when the Nazis closed their schools and he joined the underground Army, and 15 when he fought in Warsaw. "If you can imagine 180,000 people dying in 2 months…" Then he was transported to a POW camp from which he escaped 9 months later. "Why did kids like me fight? Because of our shared legacy of Freedom!" Chants of freedom through the crowd. "Visit Arlington Cemetery while you are here…Remember the young men and women who laid down their lives for you….Our responsibility to keep the flames of freedom burning."

Last speaker: "Get involved..Today is not the end, it is the beginning…We are ALL Community Organizers! …We are working on a Contract From America."

And with that we headed out – quietly, respectfully…An amazing day, I'm so glad we participated! At that point, we were tired, hungry, thirsty, in need of a real chair to sit in, and in need of restrooms…other than that we were in great shape….We headed down Pennsylvania Avenue, back towards the Metro trying to decide where to stop that 100's of others wouldn't be at – when I spotted the tower of the Old Post Office – so off we went – and took care of all our needs! Great, easy, end to a wonderful day.


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