Friday, March 20, 2009

The secret ballot is Absolutely Necessary

Here's a current bill you may be interested in researching, from the Workforce Fairness Institute about the EFCA (Employee Forced Choice Act):

"Dear Friend,

We need you to act today. Please contact your Congressman as soon as you can to help fight EFCA.. As you know, this bill would be the most monumental change in labor laws in half a century.

By eliminating the right to a secret ballot, EFCA invites intimidation, coercion and unfair organizing tactics into the workplace, in addition to depriving workers of the fundamental right to a Secret Ballot vote. And by imposing binding arbitration, this bill would remove the rights of workers to vote on a contract before it is imposed.

Please contact your member of Congress today, and urge them not to co-sponsor this bill! Go to to find your representative and email or call him/her now! Then forward this message to your family, friends, and co-workers to get the word out."


"How to Deny Employees Free Choice", an article today in the National Journal explains the problem more:

"There is a reason, in the political realm, that secret ballots are used in genuinely democratic elections all over the world. For the same reason, 'the secret ballot is absolutely necessary in order to ensure that workers are not intimidated into voting for a union they might not otherwise choose.'

These are not the words of some business lobbyist. They come from a letter sent eight years ago to officials in Mexico by Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., and 15 other House members, including Democrats Barney Frank of Massachusetts, Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, and Zoe Lofgren of California. These members have since embraced the free-choice act's attack on the secret-ballot requirement."


  1. Costco, Starbucks, and Whole Foods CEOs are about to cave to Union pressure. There is a petition to them at:

  2. Fox News is listening: "Workers Tell Fox News: Card Check Intimidation is Very Real, Very Dangerous"