Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu

I'm not sure I had even heard of the Swine Flu this time last week. When I first started hearing about it, last Friday and Saturday, it got my attention immediately. Concern was being expressed that it was coming from Mexico (I have kids that are planning to visit Mexico this summer, we have relatives that live there, and other relatives who visit there often.) Then there was talk about the students in a New York City School that had been confirmed with the Swine Flu. I have a daughter attending high school in New York City. I contacted my kids in NYC and the kids planning the Mission Trip to be on the alert -- not to be worried, but to be paying attention to what was going on. I sent them all links to the various sites I had found, such as the CDC, with information on the Swine Flu. And I pondered how quickly this had become something for us to follow.

But yesterday, it got even more personal. Two students at a local elementary school are suspected of having Swine Flu -- so all the schools in our area have been shut down, and all the local sports events have been canceled, at least through the weekend. And when I shopped at Walmart last night, the store clerks were wearing rubber gloves...I haven't determined yet whether folks are overreacting, or just taking proper precautions...But, meantime, I think I'll be reading over those websites a little more carefully.

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