Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today's TEA Party -- 1st Thoughts

It was exciting being with so many other like-minded folks today (~2,000)for the Taxed Enough Tea Parties.

We heard some great speakers, with thoughts we could certainly agree with:
Mo Brooks:
"...most of us work for a living."
"It's one thing to have power, it's another thing to do the right thing with it!"
"Everyone benefits from free enterprise."
Dale Jackson:
"We have a problem...Government Spending out of control"
Headline for today: "A Rally of Domestic Terrorists in Huntsville today."
Sam Gavan:
"If someone believes we're not heading towards socialism, they are out of touch with reality."
"Give people a hand up, not a hand out."

We saw many great signs, including:
"If I wanted European Socialism, I'd move."
"The Real Pirates are in Washington"
"If I wanted European Socialism, I'd move"
"Get out of my Piggy Bank"
"6th grader, Already in Debt"
"Save a Little Prosperity for our Children"

Only time will tell wither this is the beginning of any changes.

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