Sunday, August 2, 2009

My latest comments on a Health Care blog

Health Care is not the same as Health Insurance even though so many use the terms interchangeably in these discussions. Several of my adult children do not currently have Health Insurance. That is a choice they have made. But they DO have access to Health Care. The fact that millions of people do not have Health Insurance does not mean they are without access to Health Care...

This bill consists of over 1,000 pages - over 1,000 pages that our Congressmen have NOT read (I bet most have not even SEEN it -- BTW, I have a copy of the House version sitting on my counter and I've started going through it) If you want to see it yourself, check it out on

...This bill would increase the number of abortions in our country, it would increase the rationing of medical care, and it would decrease the care given to our Senior citizens, our handicapped and other weaker members of society. How can anyone think those are good ideas?

Additionally the supporters in Congress don't seem to be concerned about the high costs of this idea...Where is this money supposed to come from? This bill would put our economy into a downward spiral that we would be hard pressed to recover from.

And a final point of clarification: We are a Representative Republic, we are NOT a Democracy. Even if President Obama HAD won by an overwhelming majority - it would not make it proper for him and his liberal buddies in Congress to pass this massive Health Care Legislation.

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