Monday, July 27, 2009

Call to Action Notes for Tonight’s Mtg

A Call to Action: Pray/Process/Participate/Persevere

Remember: There are FOUR branches of Govt – Legislative, Executive, Judicial, and WE THE PEOPLE! A homeschool legal group – but great political info available for all, including non-members and (can get info on your Congressmen/Senators, as well as others)

1-202-224-3121 Capital Switchboard (can contact any Congressmen/Senators through this)

    I have this number on speed dial on my cell phone! and (can find info on specific bills, track specific congressmen and bills, etc.) and and (leading the fight against abortion) Can see live debates/discussions in Congress and more…     (Great place to see speeches various elected officials are giving, from CSPAN, etc.) Can sign up for their newsletter email list for local TEA Party info (Taxed Enough Already) (American Political Action Committee) – good source of conservative information             (my favorite source of news/info) (my favorite way to keep up w/twitter)

(Where you can tweet me at: cmmjaime)

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