Friday, July 10, 2009

Join Us for the July 17th Nationwide Protest

For those in the greater Huntsville area, Christie says:

"July 17th Nationwide Protest -- Protesting Nationalized Health
Insurance and the Cap & Trade bill. President Obama wants the
nationalized health insurance bill passed through the House by August,
and Cap & Trade (HR 2454) is on its way to the Senate for final
passage. Two bills that would put us in much greater debt, devestate
private businesses, and worsen our recession. We are still working on
the permit, but for now are tentatively meeting where we did for the
Tax Day Tea Party (across the street from the post office on Clinton
Ave) from 12:00pm - 1:00pm. Please come out and join us! These are two
of the most dangerous bills our Congress has ever voted on and we must
show our opposition! This protest is geared toward local congressional
offices around the country. However, as there is not enough room for
all of us to protest in front of Parker Griffith's office we have
chosen this location, which is actually quite close. Griffith's office
is just on the other side of the Parkway at 2101 Clinton Ave. If you
are coming, bring a letter to Parker Griffith! We will be personally
delivering them afterward! If you are unable to stand with us for the
entire time, stop by and drop your letter off so we can deliver it! If
you are unable to drive by, call/fax/email him!§iontree=4 Griffith
voted against Cap & Trade, but stated at a recent Health Care Town
Hall that he 1) thinks health care is a right and 2) thinks we are
past adhering to the Constitution. This time you'll be parking on Lot
K, where we met for the Tax Day Tea Party. I'll let you know when our
permit goes through. Bring your signs!!!"

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