Sunday, July 5, 2009

Notes from our Independence Day TEA Party

I did not try to send tweets during the Thursday evening Town Hall Meeting, I just took notes and came home and tweeted afterwards. But during the TEA Party, I sent tweets. (44 to be exact.) I decided there were advantages and disadvantages to both.

We were late to the TEA Party in April, so we did a better job this time of getting here early. There are probably only a few hundred folks here already when we arrive (nowhere near the 5,000 or so that will be here during the event). We set up our chairs, get a bite to eat and take in the crowd and signs around us. There are several great signs to be seen, including: "No Trap and Raid" "How is Change Working for you?" "Don't spread my wealth, spread my work ethic"

Then the Band starts – nothing against them, but Christie, if we do this again, can we get a Band that plays patriotic music? Please!

After the band, Christie opens the ceremonies by reading from the Declaration of Independence; moving words at any time, but especially during this event.

Christie asks what our Government is guilty of, and suggests we look at the Preamble to the Constitution and the 10th Amendment. (I think those are missing sections of the Constitutions in Washington, D.C.) Then she mentions Cap&Tax (there are boos from the audience), Socialized Medicine (more boos), and the fact that Congress votes on bills they haven't read (even more boos). She ends with a shout of "God bless America" and gets a standing ovation. The evening is off to a good start. Then we are all happy to stand for the posting of the colors, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Star Spangled Banner.

We welcome the first speaker, Roger Richardson: "It is a joy to be here tonight to celebrate the birth of our nation…We are not here because we hate America. We are here because we LOVE America…We LOVE freedom...We want future generations to have more freedom…and more rights...not less."

Richardson asks: "Do you believe government should be running car companies? banks? passing Cap&Trade?" There are resounding "No's" after each question! He finishes by telling us "A Minister wrote 'My Country 'Tis of Thee' for such a time as this."

The next speaker, Mary Scott Hunter, is a local attorney and veteran. She speaks of "...Liberty...working hard and achieving goals." She says she is "scared of the spending spree Government is on… Government mandated 'gifts' rob the giver and the recipients... Education is absolutely essential...I got here because of choices I made and my family made... We have to make ourselves heard through movements like this, and we need to educate our kids... Resist the expansion of government; in a country with representative government, participation is mandatory!"

Our next speaker, Rachel Gray, is a young college student. She starts with "Good evening fellow domestic terrorists...Nice to see you peaceably assemble again!" Then she asks "How are we going to defend our personal liberties? Put the power back in our hands in 2010...Young Conservatives...stay strong...Persevere...Stop apologizing for America..."

Les Phillips, one of our candidates for US Congress for next year was our next speaker: "Regardless of what the media says, we are not alone…I have no tolerance for anyone who enters the country illegally (my parents waited 3 yrs for their visa)… The Constitution is the law of the land...At 18 I took an oath to defend this country against enemies domestic and foreign...I took an oath to defend the Constitution, not to defend a politician… What's different about us is that this country was founded on God…Stand up to liberals, enough is enough… Our political leaders underestimate us today...We need to stand strong!"

Then Mo Brooks, our MC for the night, came back up on stage: "Mr. President, the United States is not arrogant...Stop apologizing for our heroes."

Our next speaker, Sergy Braylyan, lived in Russia for many years; he has been to many different "tea parties", usually discussing politics! "I took my 1st breathe in USSR...My Mom watched many other women die of infections in that hospital...I have used medical services in 4 different countries...By far...the best in the world is here in the US…There is a lot of talking care is too costly...In Soviet Union we gave away our freedom completely...If you went to the hospital for any problem...turned down...or have to bring your own medications...long waits for any treatment..." He ended by reminding us that "Utopia, the road to socialism, is the road to nowhere."

Linda Lawrence has been leading the charge against the Federal Government's takeover of housing in South Huntsville. "Our government is thumbing its nose at the Constitution...and subjecting us to an experiment of Socialism...but Socialism NEVER works…Socialism is unsustainable...they are using Socialism to create more dependencies..."

Our last speaker, Vince Croyl, finally came up: "No matter what Obama is doing in DC, no matter what Pelosi is doing...I'm proud to be an American!" He went on to make the valid point that "Socialized medicine will have the efficiency of the Department of Motor Vehicles and the compassion of the IRS!"

After almost two hours of speeches, our MC came back up to end the evening with "Let's Take America Back". A long evening, but all in all, a good way to celebrate the birth of our Country!


And my final thoughts that evening, in response to a text one of my kids sent me, "Yes, Happy Birthday America: 233 candles on the cake. May she survive to see many more birthdays."

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